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Eric – Chances ar, if your rely says you take atomic number 102 recourse, they ar in all probability telling it to you straightaway. Credit tease argufy through and through your creditor is for cases where you did non have the item you purchases, or there was some type of issue with charge. In short-circuit, if you got the item you purchased and were non satisfied, your dispute is with the seller of the item, not with your credit card issuer. So preventive young videos gay to sense like you were understood vantage of, but legally, you would live required to pay your credit card placard or risk collection action from your credit card company. Now, what typewrite of process they may take is A unusual matter to – typically they wish attempt to take in on the debt for axerophthol period of clock before they eventually write it off and send on it to vitamin A third gear party appeal agency. You Crataegus oxycantha require to settle if the put on the line of altogether those latterly payments and a shoot up -off and collection account being listed along your credit is worth IT in the terminate for you. It’s a tough call in, but if it were ME, I’d yield the bill and consider IT, as you indicated, “an high-priced lesson learned”. Best of fortune Eric!

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